Ever since I was a little kid, I knew that I couldn’t “make a living” being a writer or drawer of things. That, combined with the fact that I have the…

August 2022

Trick: do it without being a jerk, too.
On "quiet quitting" and other work-related nonsense
Please stop "manifesting" your blah blah.

June 2022

That's it, you've really done it this time.
That’s it! That’s the whole post. I want to hear your answers with no other context or influence. Leave them in comments on substack if you’re a paid…

May 2022

The perpetrator of the mass shooting in Buffalo is from where I’m from. His town is about 13 miles south of where I grew up, just over the low hills…

April 2022

I’ve been obsessed for the last few weeks with Michael Schur’s book, How to Be Perfect. He’s the creator of the TV show “The Good Place,”…

March 2022

When there are horrifying events around us that are intensely overwhelming, it can be really hard to figure out how to try to manage our…
OK, so really, it turns out, being a human is ABSOLUTELY absurd, and that’s kind of the point.

February 2022

Are you watching the show Resident Alien on SyFy?
Over the past week, I’ve told a story about my friend Matt like three separate times, so my little woowoo brain is thinking that maybe…